ABOUT The paper airplane

The Paper Airplane is a lifestyle blog sharing stories for the millennial wayfarer about travel, food, culture and outdoor adventure.  These days, the world is more connected than ever and I hope that you come to find The Paper Airplane a trusted resource that inspires you to make travel an accessible part of your life.


hI, I'm Chloe!

As for me? I'm a twenty-something living in the great Pacific Northwest and I'm always up for an adventure. 

It's not hard to be inspired on the daily when you have a beautiful place like Portland, Oregon to call home. State pride aside, I have my sights set on traveling to the far corners of the earth, writing stories and taking pictures along the way. Let's go!

Want to know more about my traveling philosophy? I wrote a new credo for what it means to be a millennial traveler entitled The Modern Wayfarer Manifesto. Read all about it [here.] 

Looking for to collaborate with a millennial travel expert on your next project? Learn more about my professional writing, creative communications, brand strategy and photography experience by visiting my online portfolio. Let's work together. 

As always, feel free to reach out to me via email, social media, or in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!