The New Sugarpine Drive-In

Equal parts tasty and nostalgic is how to best describe Troutdale's newest foodie venture, Sugarpine Drive-In. 

Located just 20 minutes outside of Portland and at the gateway to the scenic Columbia River Gorge, the Sugarpine Drive-In is a must stop for foodies. 

Helmed by Emily Cafazzo and Ryan Domingo, alums of Beast and Pok Pok respectively, Sugarpine Drive-In is both down-to-earth and delicious. 

Menu highlights include the juicy pulled pork sandwich, the smoked chicken sandwich, the Sugarpine soft serve cone with a dusting of birthday cake sprinkles, the frozen rosé... okay, you get the idea. You can't go wrong here. Everything is beyond tasty.

This place instantly reminded me of a much better version of the drive-in my family used to visit after days spent at the lake. Sugarpine has the kind of nostalgia that draws people in and the crave-worthy quality of food to keep the crowds coming back. 



Sugarpine drive-in

1208 E Historic Columbia River Hwy
Troutdale, OR 97060


Tasty Travels! 

Portland Dining Guide: Breakfast at Gracie’s

In Portland, weekend brunch is time-honored pastime. It's revered. And everyone loves sharing their favorite spots around town for a pre-noon feast. 

Recently, my dad (who recently started his documenting his own food reviews at  @dining_with_dad) and I had the chance to taste test the new brunch menu at Gracie's and it's definitely one you should add to your list. 

The restaurant is the set in the Hotel deLuxe in downtown Portland. Upon setting foot inside the hotel, you can't help but feel like you've waltzed back a few decades to the era of glamorous old Hollywood. The lobby is as cozy as it is elegant with plush seating, images of classic film stars, and sparkling chandeliers. 

At Gracie's, we tried a few classic brunch items off the new menu such as the mimosa, bloody mary, the huevos rancheros, and the traditional eggs benedict. Everything was so delicious. 

The dining room is classy, light-filled, and the warm service made the elegant space feel welcoming and comfortable. Parties of all varieties-- ladies who brunch, couples, and families all feasted on their own mouth-watering breakfast spreads. It was the perfect setting for a #treatyoself worthy brunch. 

Tasty food with great service where you can make reservations? That's a win-win-win. Thank you, Gracie's! I'll definitely be back. 


THe glamorously old school hotel deluxe lobby

Hey, audrey + gregory! (from rOMAN HOLIDAY, one of my all-time fav movies.)


Gracie's light-filled stunner of a Dining Room


A few favorites from the brunch menu 



Gracie's at Hotel deLuxe
729 SW 15th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

Editor's Note: Hotel deLuxe graciously provided brunch but all opinions are my own (as always!)  The new brunch menu at Gracie's is too good to miss out on. Go taste it for yourself! 

With love from Portland, 


The Adventure Recap of Cotopaxi Questival Portland

We did it! Year three of Questival Portland is in the books! Recaps from year one and year two can be found here. 

Cotopaxi is an outdoor gear company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I've collected a few of their bags, this daypack + this work bag, as well as a few shirts and use them all the time! The daypack is the perfect size for traveling and hauling my camera gear. I want it in every color. Your ticket to the Questival comes with a Luzon bag— ideal for all the adventuring you'll be doing during the race and after. 

The Questival is all about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring your city in unique ways through challenge topics such as — Adventure, Outdoors, Community, Quirky, and more. Teams of all kinds come together to let loose and explore. 

Below are a few highlights from the Check-In Party and the challenges we completed. There were so many more moments that didn't make it into this post! Unfortunately, we weren't able to get a campsite in time for the outdoors-based challenges so we stuck to the city and the surrounding area. (Pro tip: book a campsite when you secure your Questival tickets if you choose to go that route!) All was not lost as my team had a blast exploring unique food carts, making silly videos, meeting new Portlanders, finding iconic landmarks, and playing games with other teams at the check point challenges. My team is still talking about how much fun we had. 





TOP L: Bought some local produce at the PSU Farmers Market. BOTTOM L: Found the smallest park in the world! R: Left a note of 10 things we love about Portland in a park.  


Stopped by the Questival check point at Cathedral Park for a circuit + tent assembly challenge. 


Found a favorite piece of street art in Portland.  


Thank you, Cotopaxi! We had a blast exploring Portland for year three of the Questival. Want to join in on the fun? Check out the list of upcoming Questival adventures to see if Cotopaxi is coming to a city near you! Also, be sure to brush up on these tips + tricks for making your Questival one for the record books.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Cotopaxi. All thoughts are my own!  

Portland Eats: Cheese & Crack Snack Shop


Cheese & Crack Snack Shop is a locals' favorite in Portland. Get ready for the best cheese boards of your life. If a decadent, savory smorgasbord of meats and cheeses somehow hasn't yet persuaded you, there's also prosecco on tap. Yes, you read that right— on tap. 

In need of an end of the week pick me up, my boyfriend and I ordered a decent sampling of the menu and a few happy hour items. Happy hour is available on weekdays from 4 - 6 pm. It's so reasonable! Most items ranged between $2 - $6. 

We ordered the happy hour fondue and cheese curds, and the favorites cheese board plus the capicola off of the regular menu. To drink, we chased down the delicious spread with a selection of frosé (yes, frozen rosé), prosecco on tap, and craft beer. 

It was so much food and incredibly delicious. I was not expecting to leave as full as we were.  Cheese & Crack is a fun alternative to a date night or girl's night out. We're already looking forward to our next visit! 



Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

22 SE 28th Ave Portland, Oregon  

The fondue. 

The fondue. 

The cheese curds. 

The cheese curds. 


Adventure On: A Quick Guide to Cotopaxi Questival


It's adventure time!

June 30th marks the kick-off for year three of the Portland Questival by Cotopaxi. What is a "Questival", you ask? The Questival is a 24-hour, Amazing Race-style adventure where teams of 2-6 players compete in fun challenges across a variety of categories. While the experiences are unique each year, I rounded up a few tips to make your Questival one for the record books. 

Tips for Questival Success

Assemble Your Adventure Squad 

First and foremost, round up your friends and assemble your adventure squad. You'll want a creative who can think up unique ways for your team to stand out while completing challenges, a planner who can strategize a solid game plan, an adventurer who is up for anything, and a cheerleader to motivate the team when it's crunch time. Or maybe you have a few friends who are a combination of the four! It's important to find a crew that's up for the challenge— no matter what that challenge may be. 

Plan a Pre-Questival Strategy Party

The complete list of challenges is released on the Questival app 24-hours before event kickoff. Some challenges can be completed in proximity to one another. Round up your crew and figure out which Questival tasks you'll want to check off.

Gather Your Gear

Once the challenges are released, make a list of the gear you'll need and start gathering. Many of the challenges are outdoors related. Will you need a tent, firewood, or lots and lots of snacks? Plan ahead to maximize your time spent adventuring!

Live it Up at the kick-off Party

Start your Questival off on the winning side by making the most of the check-in party. Check-in early and enjoy the party! Pick up your Luzon bags and your team totem. Your totem is key as every challenge you complete must have your totem in the picture.

Make Friends with Other Teams

Have fun and befriend other teams at the kick-off party. Yes, it's a competition but it's more fun to root for each other. And hey, with so many like-minded adventurers in one place you may just meet your new BFFs! A few challenges are collaborative— you never know who'll you'll need to swap shoelaces with. (That's a hint from a past challenge!) 

Be Unique! Make the Challenges Your Own

Team ranking is determined both by completion of challenges and peer scoring of creativity. Get creative, be uniquely you, and ham it up! 


Want to join in on the fun? 

It's not too late to sign up. Trust me, you don't want to miss out! (Click this link for more information.) Follow along @paperairplaneblog for day-of Questival insta-stories + hijinks! It's gonna get wild. Are you headed to Cotopaxi Portland? Let me know, I'll see you there!

Sponsored Content || This post is proudly sponsored by Cotopaxi. Sponsorships like Cotopaxi help provide great adventure stories and guides to you, dear readers. All words are my own. I competed in the past two Portland Questival unsponsored and loved every minute of it. You will too! xo, C

Chasing the Magic at Harry Potter Land - Universal Studios Hollywood




For true Harry Potter fans, visiting Harry Potter Land at Universal Studios Hollywood is an experience like none other. 

I recently went to Harry Potter Land as a part of a birthday surprise from my bf who went above and beyond. We had an absolute blast running around the park (Instagram followers were privy to the live story.) If you are a fan and grew up reading the books, Harry Potter Land is a must-do. The attention to detail is impeccable. Everywhere we turned we found little nods to the books we loved. Of all the things to do at Harry Potter Land, the wand ceremony at Ollivander's and the Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey ride in Hogwarts castle were our favorites. (And both were well worth the wait!) Plus, you can do "actual" spells with your interactive wand in Hogsmeade. It was so fun! As well as good practice for my O.W.L.S.

If you are a fan and grew up reading the books, harry potter land is a must-do.
Read on for a list of magical experiences straight from the pages of Harry Potter.



The must-do list at Harry Potter Land

get a wand

do Spells!

harry Potter & THE FORBIDDEN JOURNEY ride  

drink a butterbeer  

visit the owl post  

eat at the three broomsticks

ollivander's wand ceremony  

explore hogsmeade shops

exploring hogsmeade



I remember my first butterbeer.  




Action shot of me doing spells and general witchcraft in hogsmeade. 


Inside the Owl Post (top left and right) and Honeyduke's candy shop (bottom left).