The Paper Airplane is Ready for Take Off

Welcome to The Paper Airplane, your portal to a world of accessible travel, culture and entertainment. Think of The Paper Airplane as your base camp. This is where you’ll find stories of quality and substance that are geared towards what it means to be a wayfarer in a modern world. These days so much of our time is spent reading pixels, but there’s a whole world out there beyond the computer screen. My goal for The Paper Airplane is to create a place in the digital age that inspires fellow travelers to make real connections and venture outdoors. Don't worry, I’ll make my stories succinct so that you have time to do so.

I’m Chloe, by the way, and if there are three things I love most in life it’s telling stories, a new stamp in my passport, and making connections between interesting people, sites and experiences along the way. On the road is my favorite place to be, whether that is backpacking through England and Ireland, navigating the street markets of Mexico, spontaneously jumping onboard an overnight bus to Germany, wandering through major cities and national parks in the States, or returning time and time again to Italy. By this point in life, it's become apparent that this necessity for travel is just in my blood. If you’re a like-minded soul then there’s a good chance you’re also anxious to meet new faces, see far places, learn from other cultures, read great books, and to stay on the move. Currently I live in the Pacific Northwest and strive to explore as much of it as possible. On the rare occasion I’m not writing or taking pictures, I can usually be found hiking around Oregon, hashing out future travel schemes in the pages of my Moleskine, reading between the stacks of the blue room in Powell’s City of Books, and eating my way around town. At The Paper Airplane you’ll find stories about travel, culture, music, books, honest advice on how to access authentic experiences abroad, and inspiration on how to fuel the wayfarer lifestyle while in your own backyard.

Stick around, there is so much more to come and The Paper Aiplane is ready for take off. 

Adventure awaits,