The Weekend Edition: April 6th, 2014


If you’re new to the game, The Weekend Edition is where I informally retell my weekly happenings as they relate to travel, culture, and entertainment. 

You know those weeks where you feel as if you blinked and it was already over? This was one of those weeks. The time is flying by with The Paper Airplane and I am trying to get myself on a blogger schedule here. So many posts, so little time. Anyways, the second installment of The Weekend Edition:

Read What’s Wrong with ‘1.000 Places to See Before You Die,’ a great article on National Geographic from Robert Reid
I had just written about being excited to check driving the Pacific Coast Highway off my bucket list when I read this article. While I’ve always wanted to do this road trip to see first hand the rest of this beautiful place we call the West Coast and because it would be such an awesome trip to do with my brother, this article was a great reminder of why we do this thing called traveling. It’s not about the number of stamps in your passport or the amount of “likes” you can get on Instagram. Robert Reid puts it best when he says, “we get the most out of [travel] when we connect, bond, do good for people in the places we go to. But we should do it for ourselves-not the points we’ll win at the office cooler when we get back home.” For me, this is what it means to be a traveler. If you love travel, then read this article. 

Mapped out more of the Pacific Coast Highway road trip
The best part about planning this road trip has been receiving all of the recommendations from my friends in California. Keep the suggestions coming! So far I have plans for my first and last destinations: San Francisco and Los Angeles relatively hashed out.  That’s the way I like my travel plans: relatively hashed out. There’s something to be said for having a game plan but being flexible enough to make it up as you go along. You can read more about my trip here.

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Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel
Set in Europe in-between the world wars, The Grand Budapest Hotel follows the escapades of Gustave H, the in/famous concierge, and his kid sidekick, lobby boy Zero Moustafa. The plotline is a lot stronger than some of Wes Anderson’s other films. Anderson does a great job of engaging you into the world he’s created and then snapping you out of the world just as quickly with something or someone completely irreverent (read: Dmitri, Adrian Brody’s character.) It’s a fun movie and if you like Wes Anderson humor, then you’ll like The Grand Budapest Hotel.

My backpack arrived!
Check out my latest post Backpacking 101: The Backpack for tips and questions to go over before buying your first backpack.

Update on Silver Creek Falls trail guide
It’s coming. My brother and I are having a few issues with the video but it will be posted soon. Patience is a virtue.

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