Around the World and Across the River for Portland’s Import Shop Cargo


Cargo is the kind of place that has everything you never knew you needed. It’s easy enough to spot. Tibetan prayer flags flap in the breeze over the walkway and random assortments of Japanese parasols and Indian prayer mats are displayed in front of the bright red wooden doors always thrown open to show off the treasure trove inside. With exports ranging from Indian antique armoires to hand painted Moroccan glassware to illuminated Virgin Mary statuettes from Mexico the possibilities at Cargo are endless. Personally, I think the gems of the place are the ornate teak doors and gates from Indonesian that would make for an incredible headboard.

The trick to successfully shopping at Cargo is a lot of patience and imagination. It’s a space best described as organized chaos. You could easily spend hours scouring shelf after bin after basket. Currently Cargo is located in an industrial emporium in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District, but will be relocating across the river to the Central Eastside Industrial District come mid-September. Until then, the entire store is on super sale for the big move. I’ll take this as my cue to decide on some Indonesian teak once and for all.

If you go:

81 SE Yamhill