A Sip of Summer and Americana Culture with Art in the Age Craft Spirits

The Rosy Madras feat. Rhubarb Tea mixed by yours truly. 

The Rosy Madras feat. Rhubarb Tea mixed by yours truly. 

Hey, June. It's good to see your sunny self again. After yet another A++ weekend of nothing but blue skies, it's time for brunch on the patio, barbecues with friends, and late night talks around the campfire. Summer in the Pacific Northwest is always my favorite time of the year. I have lots of Oregon travels, new eateries, festivals, and adventures planned and I can't wait to share them with you. 

One of my favorite parts of writing The Paper Airplane is being able to connect you with travelers, artisans, chefs, adventurers all across the globe that are creating a name for themselves in their own hometowns. That way you can eat, shop, and experience life like a local no matter where you are. 

In keeping with the spirit of the season, my go-to drinks this summer are Art in the Age Craft Spirits. Based out of Philadelphia and inspired by Pennsylvania history, Art in the Age Craft Spirits serve as a nod to the old school. "Old school" in the sense that we're talkin' about Thomas Jefferson's botanical garden and Benjamin Franklin's rhubarb. This is precisely the pre-industrial, original Americana artisan inspiration for Art in the Age Craft Spirits that are certified USDA-organic to boot. And here's the thing... these spirits are good. Really good. 

Photo of Art in the Age Craft Spirits courtesy of Chaucee Stillman 

Photo of Art in the Age Craft Spirits courtesy of Chaucee Stillman 


The individual spirits: Rhubarb Tea, Root, Sage, and Snap each has a unique taste of its own, distilled from cane sugar and flavored with natural ingredients.

For a summer nightcap to swig around the campfire, Root is best when mixed with rye whiskey for a Root & Rye Old Fashioned. Root is derived from an 18th century folk recipe that later inspired the root beer we know today. Then there's Snap. The spirit is a sweet and spicy yet buttery alcoholic interpretation of "Lebkuchen," or the Pennsylvania Dutch ginger snap. Pair with ginger beer and rum for a sea-worthy sipper. Sage is the ideal summer garden party substitute for gin or vodka-based cocktails. The spirit is dry and smooth with notes of rosemary and sage, reminicent of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello botanical garden. 

For an easy weekend brunch cocktail, I made the Rosy Madras (pictured) with Rhubarb Tea spirits and ingredients that I already had in stock: orange juice, cranberry juice, and an orange peel to garnish. The recipe dates back to the late 1700s when Benjamin Franklin first brought the herbaceous rhubarb to the States. So there you have it-- a delicious organic spirit for every occasion this summer and a little American history while you're at it. 


Art in the Age Craft Spirits
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


Disclaimer: Art in the Age Craft Spirits graciously provided The Paper Airplane with samples to review. I received no further compensation and, as always, all opinions are my own. The goal of The Paper Airplane is to share the best of the best in travel experiences, food, and products. If it’s reviewed, it’s because the given entity is tested and genuinely loved.