Book Review | The Big Bucket List Book: 133 Experiences of a Lifetime by Gin Sander


If we're traveling simply to make a check off a list, then we're traveling wrong. Travel is about the experiences. It's about discovering new ways to see, taste, and interact with the world around us. 

Enter, The Big Bucket List Book

Unlike plenty of other bucket list guides on the market today, The Big Bucket List Book focuses on creating experiences rather than visiting sites or landmarks to cross off as "completed". This book is a fun read, for not only does it bring to light all kinds of imaginative experiences-- ride in a vintage bike race in Tuscany, anyone?-- but it also provides resources on how to actually do accomplish these trips of a lifetime. Broken up by a wide range of topics such as Make Your Mark, Off the Beaten Path, Life is Learning, and more, The Big Bucket List Book strives to empower the reader on following his or her passion and creating a lifetime of memories. 

Chloe's Top 10 Picks from The Big Bucket List Book

Take a turn as an apprentice farmer. 

Take up an art and create often. 

Revive the art of the handwritten letter. 

Hike the trails of the world, from California to the Alps. 

Harvest grapes in France (or work in a vineyard.) 

Volunteer in the National Parks. 

Explore the literary South. 

Talk to strangers. 

Learn how to survive in the wild. 

See the world on horseback. 

This list highlights my personal picks straight from the pages of The Big Bucket List Book. What are the big, beyond the "bucket list" experiences that you're hoping to accomplish this year? Tell me in the comments!