Food & Drink: The Serenity of Portland's Tea Bar


In a city world renowned for its coffee scene, it's pretty incredible that the newest hotspot elevating the Portland café culture is one that celebrates tea. And upon first sip, it's clear to see why Tea Bar became an overnight sensation. Tea Bar features a delectable range of the best-of-the-best organic teas sourced from around the globe. The flavors are understated and sophisticated in sips like the earl grey and lavender London Fog tea latte. If you are at all a fan of matcha (or if you are a huge fan like me), then this is the place to try it. My latest Tea Bar trip resulted in a iced raw honey matcha that rivaled perfection.

The scene at Tea Bar is just as serene as it is hip. As one of Portland's sleekest spots in town, it's a place to see and be seen. But if you love tea, well, Tea Bar is just the place to be. Tea Bar also hosts a Boba Bar bubble tea pop up on weekends only. 

Minimalistic and spa-like in interior design, the serenity of Tea bar extends beyond the tea itself. It's a carefully articulated and relaxed space that feels you've stepped into an issue of Kinfolk or Cereal— the artistically minded quarterlies that are sprinkled along the shelves of the bar. In Portland, where the wild and lavish flavors of an astronomical number of bars, food carts, and restaurants reign supreme, Tea Bar sets itself apart from the crowd as decidedly understated. It's a foodie respite where Rose City tea lovers come to exhale.


If you go: 

Tea Bar
1615 NE Killingsworth
Open 8 a.m - 8 p.m., Daily