How to Use Made with Map to Find the Best Local Spots and An Interview with Co-Founder Puno

That's me! Image via  Made with Map  on Instagram

That's me! Image via Made with Map on Instagram

Have you ever surfed Instagram and wondered how people are finding all of these cool and beautiful local go-to spots? These places are easier to find than you may think.  

Made with Map was created in 2014 with the principle of "Find It, Live It" by Co-Founders Puno and Daniel. The community on Made with Map is so creative and talented that the result is a plethora of map pins in some very cool places. I was recently honored to be chosen as a trailblazer (read more here) and wanted to share a little more about how I use Made with Map to discover new places and adventures. For me, #finditliveit means getting back in touch with a sense of community, whether that means rediscovering new local spots in my own city or abroad. I love the unifying sense of genuine connection between such talented creatives from across the globe. It's inspiring and refreshing every time I visit Made with Map.

Puno, the wonderful Co-Founder of Map graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions regarding the Made with Map community. 


What inspired you to create Made with Map?
P: Daniel and I are always on the hunt for new places, whether it's a hole-in-the-wall restaurant somewhere in Bangkok, hot springs off the 395, or a new store in my backyard. We love using tools to organize and share places we want to go and have been to, but for years we didn't find anything that really hit home for us. We made a prototype before we left for our 5-week honeymoon trip to Thailand and Malaysia and that's when we were hooked with the idea.

Made with Map has an incredibly artistic sense of community.
P: Thanks! I'm soooooo proud of our community. There's talented people all over the world and being able to view their beautiful photos and read the stories that makes you fall in love with a place, is seriously the best part of my job.

Was this always the goal? 
P: When we started, we knew we wanted amazing photography. At the time, I just bought a DSLR and started playing with mobile photography so it was something I was naturally attracted to. Who doesn't like curating photos all day? Map has a few curators and I think the combination of our taste helps guide the mood and vibe, but it's only because we have a ridiculously talented pool of people to choose from.

How has the Made with Map community grown or changed since the website launched?
P: Every week, we have new contributors from all over the world. We've just recently started doing multi-contributor City Guides and that's brought a more local sense of community. For instance, we just did MapXManila and the enthusiasm was contagious! I felt like we were making this big world feel nice and cozy. I would get emails from people saying, "Hey! I know that person!" or "You should invite this person!" I met Kat San Juan at Create&Cultivate this year and she helped us get connected with Heima to collaborate on her Gallery/Launch Party called A Year on the Road in Manila! I would have never imagined these kinds of things happening, but I like it!

What is your favorite part about Made with Map?
P: Definitely the community. Obsessed much? :)
But also that Daniel and I get to build it. Daniel's the programmer and I'm the designer, that's it so far. It's so different from my previous jobs, where I worked in big teams. Not that big teams are bad, but the flexibility and intimacy we get with all aspects of this project is such a liberating process.

Thank you, Puno!

HOW TO FIND THE BEST LOCAL SPOTS using made with map

  1. First stop: visit
  2. Using the search bar, type in where you want to go, such as Portland, Oregon
  3. Explore the pins in your location. Hey look, Powell's City of Books! Click on the map pin and gather the exact coordinates of your next adventure.


I like following @madewithmap on Instagram to see which cities have featured city guides. From the Made with Map Instagram, search for cities and images that you are interested in. Singapore, for example, was recently highlighted. 

  1. Find a featured city from the @madewithmap Instagram that interests you. Let's say, Singapore. 
  2. Search the hashtag #MapxSingapore and start exploring a curated list of places to visit for your next trip. Voilà! How easy is that? 

Other popular hashtags to search for finding new local hangouts and activities, #mapaplate - for places to eat and stunning food photography, #mapanadventure, #mapasign - great typography around the world. These hashtags on Instagram won't give you information for a specific location but are great for inspiring wanderlust all the same. 



Do you use Made with Map? Have you discovered any new local hangouts in your own city or while traveling? Let me know in the comments. Again, thank you Puno for a great interview! 

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