These days the world is spinning so fast and it can be easy to be caught up in living life the way that we told to. What about those of us who are restless to the core and have a wild spirit to set out and go?

The entire basis for The Paper Airplane is for this person, the Modern Wayfarer. This is the person who wakes up ready for adventure and says why not. The Modern Wayfarer is a curious, creative, and adventurous traveler with a genuine respect for the world, and good taste to boot. The Modern Wayfarer is a dreamer and a doer. There is a rebel spirit inside of the Modern Wayfarer— one that thinks critically about the world and the role that we play within it. And here stands a person not concerned with the shallow fulfillment of checkmarks on a bucket list, but rather looks to travel as a way to emphasize with culture and nature through creating authentic, collective experiences.  

This lifestyle extends far beyond just travel, but rather, is innately a part of the Modern Wayfarer. To be a Modern Wayfarer means to pursue a life that allows him or herself the freedom to create a new path of exploration. The Modern Wayfarer creates daily, meaningful experiences through an authentic and honest curiosity for the world. This is the Modern Wayfarer. In so many stories and in so many photographs, I saw this person as all of the things that I believe in and in who I would hope to become.

To be a Modern Wayfarer means to humbly challenge assumptions about the tourist by becoming an empathetic, culturally educated member of the global community. And because compassion may be the greatest lesson that travel can teach, the Modern Wayfarer believes that life is better without assignments of labels or expectations. The Modern Wayfarer lets go of cultural stereotypes and chooses to take the time to understand people, places and events for what they truly are.

The way of the Modern Wayfarer is not for the faint of heart. It takes bravery and— perhaps even more important— vulnerability to set out to explore the world on the principles of genuine exploration and empathy. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

The goal of The Paper Airplane is to serve as the foundation for the Modern Wayfarer Movement and to inspire the millennial generation to explore the world with curiosity, creativity, empathy, taste, and a grand sense of adventure. Based upon the aforementioned pillars, The Paper Airplane stands as a resource and community for like-minded adventurers with features, guides, and reviews on travel, the modern wayfarer lifestyle, culture, and outdoor adventure. It’s all here and it’s all for you, Modern Wayfarer.

Feeling inspired yet? Let’s a build a community together based upon the principles of curiosity, creativity, empathy, taste and adventure. Throughout the week, I'll be posting stories and every Sunday I'll be featuring your Modern Wayfarer stories. I'm looking for tales of adventure, great photos, and authentic community building. Send your submissions to paperairplanechloe [at] gmail [dot] com. Join the community on social media #ModernWayfarer.

Are you with me, Modern Wayfarers? All it takes is a free-roaming spirit and a whole lot of heart. 

Adventure on,