The Paper Airplane Mid-Year Favorite Moments + Travel Resolutions

Happy 4th! (Well, 5th at this point.) This weekend is only half way through and it’s already been jam packed with a huge hike, family, friends, BBQ, fireworks. It’s only getting started.

Summer seems to be flying by and I can’t believe that July is here. Since The Paper Airplane launched this March, I’ve learned so much about managing a blog and realized that it’s easy to go on constant adventures once you make it a top priority. Here’s a glance back on my favorite memories with The Paper Airplane so far and a look forward to the rest of year with my mid-year resolutions.

The Paper Airplane Favorite Moments (So Far)

1.     Launched The Paper Airplane (!!!)
2.    Road tripping the Pacific Coast Highway from Portland to Los Angeles
3.     Camping in Big Sur (part of the road trip but a major life highlight in itself)
4.     Exploring more of the Pacific Northwest every weekend
5.     Meeting other Portland-area bloggers!

The Paper Airplane Mid-Year Resolutions

1.     Slow down on the rapid fire of pictures and focus on the composition and content of each picture taken. Improve technique with film photography.
2.     More non-electronic communication. Postcard exchange, anyone?
3.     Complete the July Camp NaNoWriMo writing challenge. After finishing the fiction 10,000-word challenge for April, I’ll be taking the rebel route and will be writing nonfiction this month for The Paper Airplane. Yes, this means tons of brand new content!
4.     Head back to Los Angeles for the Yellow Conference. Creative ladies, check it out! It’s pretty inspiring.
5.     Finish my summer travel-inspired reading list (Read about it on Wednesday!)
6.     Keep up with my Italian language self-immersion
7.     Go further with yoga + running-- I’m looking for a new yoga studio in Portland if anyone has suggestions!
8.     More weekend trips around the Pacific Northwest + beyond

Thanks for following along this year! As always, I love hearing from all of you. Please feel free to connect with me via social or in the comments.

Adventure On,