Southbound for the First Ever Yellow Conference 2014


Between my Pacific Coast Highway road trip with my brother this Memorial Day, a quick LA + San Diego getaway this past weekend, and now the Los Angeles area for a third time this summer, I’m heeding the call of the palm trees once again. Next week I’ll be flying south for the Yellow Conference.

The Yellow Conference is two days in El Segundo filled with writers, designers, bloggers, photographers, creative entrepreneurs, TED speakers, and social action movers and shakers, with sessions all geared around channeling creativity and making the world a better place. This is the very first year of the conference and already the lineup is stellar and sold out. Also, I’m told that there will be a beach bonfire to top it all off.

I found out about the Yellow Conference through one of my childhood best friends. We recently reconnected this year through social media and she let me know that an editor of one of our favorite magazines (Darling Magazine) will be speaking at the conference. Not only will it be a weekend filled with major creative inspiration and the chance to meet like-minded creative types, I’ll also be catching up with one of my old friends at The Yellow Conference!

Personally, I can’t wait to meet so many inspiring, creative people and learn from this amazing lineup of speakers. I just joined the Yellow Conference Facebook group for attendees and am already blown away by the talent and passion that everyone is bringing to the table. Are you going to the Yellow Conference too? Let me know in the comments and be sure to link to your blog and/or social too, I’d love to check yours out!

See you soon El Segundo,



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